Our Pricing Doesn't Play Hide-and-Seek.

Ever scratched your head over those sneaky 3PLs playing hide-and-seek with their pricing? Well, not over here! We’ve got our pricing out in the sunshine for all to see. It’s fair, it’s friendly, and guess what? It’s the same for everyone. No secrets, no surprises, just good old-fashioned honesty!

Fulfillment Pricing

  • Shipped Order Fee

    For each order shipped.

  • Item Shipped

    For each item shipped within an order.

  • Returns per item

    Includes repackaging, process, taking photos and restocking.


Storage Fees

  • Pick Bin (per day)

    We use dynamic slotting and can generally store up to 3 SKUs per bin.

  • Pallet (per day)

    Pallets are limited to maximum 5 SKUs. 40x48x48in.